Jumat, 22 April 2016

Treasure From Passion

Noone can told you anymore. There is only you with your passion is standing. there is only you in the front who must trust for who you are. You can just listen your heart and keep following your brain. "DREAM" isn't a simple word, isn't as a simple as we told. You may had through the part the way how you achieve it, so that you can find "ALL YOU NEED IS TO GIVE ALL YOU HAVE".
you won't feel the effort you had given nor the sacrifice you did. They both were nothing when you can pass the challenge.
"DREAM" is like a seed you plant. You got it, if you have a commit for it, plant it. Then live it, treat it as well as you can 'till grow become the plant as you got from the first imagine. To make it grow you must give and fullfil all what it needs.

For Dream