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It looks like pretty set of flowers, set of small colorful beads. Imagine it.
Laugh like you laugh at yourself. You may see the shadow side, the light through whatever it is. An enormous sheaf of path. Feet mold, hands, they are like fingers picking guitar's string. Creates so much pattern so that the tone sounds beautiful.

can you make a detail simple map of your life? it is such an amazing map. maybe now, you can think how can you be there-the place where you are now. maybe you can found so many peaces of your PUZZLE that unsolven yet. sometime you had passed the way that make you suprised such yeahh.. that was an amazing fortune for you..
that is all ... they are the part of our life, 'life mates'. nothing fortunately, do you believe that words?

Life is Living

Heal the world.. make it better place. For you and for me an the entire human race....🎻🎶🎼 - Michael Jackson
This world...
Is in various process. Getting older, besides the human made the process mess it and some force to stop the process. Life cycle of the human life runnin' over the entire time. Times are both keep it and lost it. Lets look around, my hand, your hand, our hand could we handle it altogether? The problem aren't just about environment, huminity, or with all of its cruciality. Could we make sure that everyone is having reason too keep strunggling on?