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Sometimes wonder. Why should people shaking judging each other just because a simple causen. We have an authority to live our life just the way we are. And as a social human we can ensure that we need each other and almost all necessary are the same one. Why should we observed not for a positive things such a caring each other helping each other. Because everyone has their own way to survive and they have their own  personality. That's why we better comprehend as God creation make world as a place with vary of huminity, humility, with all its component.
We know, trouble is like a friend(trouble is a friend-lenka). But from that trouble we instead be pressed to understand what life is and what human rice is.
Where you live your life is where you place your life as His creation with your living rule within.

Manusia adalah makhluk yang wajar jika melakukan kesalahan. Sebab apalah ia, yang tiada mungkin sempurna sebagaimana satu-satunya yang sempurna adalah…