Senin, 05 Desember 2016

Petroleum-Indonesian Black Gold, importer to exporter? Possible!

Tracing indonesia?
Investigating indonesia?
Yeah, this special topic is dicussing about Petroleum in indonesia.
Petroleum world is one of special thing correlated with natural resources-"Black Gold"
What happen on earth? People don't know it yet?
Hm, it is contovesial or not, maybe still stuck and live in silent mode of pleasurable, tasteful or whatever it is with the same meaning. Whole angle of world need this what idiom called as "Black Gold".

Due to the fulfilling necessity, in which position supplier or consumer Indonesia is both of them. There are so many petroleum refinery spread over indonesia from Sabang to Merauke with vary of quality, size, manajement, supply chain manajememt up to the consumer.
Somehow, there is a controversion though indonesia in technically force  a beneficially rules internally and in every consideration based on citizens prosperity.
Why do we import fuel oil for supply?
Well, it has a chain of educational reason in indonesia relate to the contextual maintenance matter-refinery unit with all of the components . The fee of doing facilitation support comparisoned with the amount of citizens necessity is producing unstable comparation that it is compulsion bigger than.
Hmm, very problem has its solution no matter how hard the rules are. Spelled before that it is correlated to educational topic or human resource is increasing year by year, could be regenerate the supply chain from impor to export and become the main expatriat in Petroleum world.
We have our own technology, with mentally revolutioneth bravely piercing destination what have to become. Related aspecs as the partner of natural resources organization could be the fondational things and create a revolution.

Big Spirit from Petroleum World!

Hello reader..
Those kind of argumentation text.
How's yours? Have an idea to take a part for Indonesia's betterment?

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